FAQ Amsterdam Escort

Is Prostitution Legal in Amsterdam?

Yes! Escorting and prostitution is legal in Holland and many other countries. There are certain regulations and laws, but these apply only to ensure the safety and well-being of our ladies and their customers. In fact, many men come to Amsterdam exclusively for our escort industry. So, no you won’t be arrested.

Is there a difference between and Escort and the Girl on the Corner?

Yes. They both enjoy having sexual encounters with their customers, but an Escort provides a much deeper experience. Plus, there is no risk of game playing or not getting what you paid for. And isn’t having a comfortable encounter at your place better than the back seat of a car, some alleyway, or some room surrounded by dozens of other patrons?

Do I get to have sex with my Escort?

Yes. These beautiful women you see on our site our women who can’t wait to have sex with you.

Should I book an Escort or a Companion?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you just want some company without sex, then a companion is your perfect choice. If it’s sex you’re looking for then definitely book and escort.

Do you offer a couple’s experience?

We have escorts who love to get together with couples. The only thing required is you let us know at the time of booking, so we ensure you get the right escort and she is well-prepared.

Do I need to worry about sexually transmitted disease?

Your health and the health of our escorts are paramount. Our girls get regular examinations and practice safe sex.

What about condoms?

Condoms ensure the health of everyone. Your escort will have what is required, so you need not worry, and condoms are automatically included in your rate. Sorry, no discounts for bringing your own!

How long do I have with my Escort?

Time vary by package and by your own selection. You can meet with your escort for an hour or for the entire night. Just tell us how long you’d like at the time of booking to ensure your escort doesn’t make other plans.

Are Escorts Expensive?

Well, it really depends on your idea of “expensive” and on the time and activities you select. We are always transparent about our pricing at the time of booking. And if you’re not sure, you can always just call and ask. We do, however, offers the most affordable rates, so we believe we have something for every budget.  And of course, we accept credit cards and Pin as payment options.

Should I tip?

Tipping isn’t required but our girls, like everyone are making a living. If you’ve had an exceptional experience you can show your appreciation with a tip.  A good starting point is about 10%.

Are those really my escort’s pictures?

Yes! We don’t play games at Best Amsterdam Escorts. No bait and switching. If the girl you’ve booked, isn’t available we’ll let you know so you can select another. But the girls you see in our gallery all have posted recent photos and what you order is what you get.

Is there anything out of bounds?

We’re in the fantasy fulfilling business. And although our goal is to fulfill your fantasy, we also want to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. Escort services are for gentlemen who know how to treat a lady. We of course don’t allow our patrons to injure our girls or to force them into uncomfortable or unsafe experiences.

Can I bring a friend?

We offer the ultimate couple’s experience. If you’d like to bring a male friend, we need to know in advance, so the escort can be best prepared. We believe there should be no bad surprised for you and none for our girls.

How safe is my payment information?

Your financial transaction is safe and secure. We use the same security protocols as other business and we don’t share your information.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. We specialize in discretion. Your encoded information is safe and cannot be accessed and we never share your information or sell your contact information.

Do I need to be concerned with my personal safety?

No.  You won’t be robbed, assaulted, or extorted and will be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism as we expect from our customers. We run a credible business and we want you to return.

Is my Escort discreet or will everyone know?

Very discreet. These are professional who respect your privacy. People will only if you tell them! Our escort dress beautifully but they save the kinkier outfits for the privacy of your room.

What about sex-trafficking?

The benefit of legal escorting in Amsterdam is that our girls needn’t hide in the shadows. Our escorts are young entrepreneurs and we would never force any women to perform non-consensual sex. The reason they work with Best Amsterdam Escorts and the reason you should choose us is because it is a safe and secure encounter for both you and our ladies.

What if I need to cancel my Escort Encounter?

Cancellations are unfortunate, but we know they can happen. Just please respect your escort by giving her or us as early notice as possible. And please, never be a no-show. If you change your mind after the escort arrives a minimum charge will apply to cover her time, transportation, and rebooking fees.

How to book an escort in Amsterdam? JUST CALL US: 

Phone: 0031 687 958 969


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